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Jo Winter

South China Sea

Jo Winter’s fascination with Southeast Asia began with a backpacking trip as a youngster but then deepened and grew over many years of cruising her 45ft Island Packet yacht, Brother Wind, with her husband, Giles.

They arrived in Singapore as part of an intended circumnavigation but then turned east. For season after season they explored the coasts and islands around the South China Sea, enjoying the diverse cruising grounds on offer, but also the resourcefulness and friendliness of the local people they encountered. She was commissioned by the Royal Cruising Club Pilotage Foundation to write and research comprehensive South China Sea (Imray) cruising guide, the successor to Stephen Davies and Elaine Morgan’s Cruising Guide to Southeast Asia, Volume I (Imray). 

When she’s not on the boat, Jo lives in Norfolk, England from where she and Giles sail the tidal creeks of the east coast.