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Create a route: Apple Android

Add & manage waypoints: Apple Android

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I am having trouble logging into the app

You may be using your login, but the website and app account systems are separate.

You will need to log in on the login screen within the app. If you are trying to login to the app and are still having trouble please use password reset link.

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Can I access my charts charts on multiple devices?

If you log in to the app using the same details on a different device you can then restore your purchases to the new device as long as you have an active subscription.

Apple: go to Charts > Chart Store and then tap Restore Purchases in the top right.

Android: go to Menu > My Subscriptions and then either tap Restore Purchases or drag the screen down to refresh the page.

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How do I cancel my auto-renewing subscription?

Payments and subscriptions are managed by the app stores rather than Imray.

To manage or cancel subscriptions you need to go to the relevant app store (Apple: App Store, Google: Google Play Store) and then go to your profile and choose Subscriptions.

Please note that voucher codes do not trigger an auto-renewing paid subscription.

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Can you give me a refund for an accidental purchase?

Payments and subscriptions are managed by the app stores rather than Imray. You need to contact the relevant app store to request a refund, which is best done within 48 hours of purchase.

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When I try to redeem my voucher code I receive an error

Please contact us on attaching an image of your scratchcard so that we can look it up in our system and help you redeem the code

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Why can't I zoom in to see the details/harbour plans?

You may have another chart set downloaded which is obscuring your chart set.

Apple: tap Charts > Display and make sure the chart set is switched on and at the top of the list. This indicates the stacking order of the chart sets.

Android: tap the chart layer icon at the bottom left of the screen until a message appears that tells you that the required set is displaying at the front.

Tides Planner

Tides Planner User Guides

Imray Tides Planner User Guide for Android (coming soon)

Tides Planner

I purchased the annual extension, why can't I see more than 7 days ahead?

Free application

Tides Planner is free to download and you can access one day’s tide information (the current day) for any country in the world. You can also access the currents data for one day (the current day).

Tides Planner

Where can I purchase the yearly licenses and the Hydrographic licenses?

Apple: Go to Tools (bottom navbar) -> App Extensions
Android: Go to Tides (bottom navbar) -> App Extensions
Go to Tools (bottom navbar) -> App Extensions

Tides Planner

To see beyond 7 days ahead, you will need to purchase both the yearly license and the Hydrographic license:

Year licence

Year licences are available for past, current and future years within the app. These are purchased annually. Purchasing a year licence unlocks data for more days:

  • Any day within year licence year – Italy, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Chile Ecuador
  • Current day only - France
  • Seven day tide information (current day + 6 days) – all other countries

Hydrographic Office licence

Hydrographic Office licences unlock any day tide information. These are one off purchases which will work with any past, current or future year licences. There are a range of Hydrographic Office licences available:

  • Tidal Stream Atlas – allows access to the UK tidal stream atlases
  • UK, Ireland, Germany and other UKHO world – allows access to any day tide information for UKHO countries
  • France – allows access to any day predictions for France
  • Currents & Atlas Brest – allows access to French tidal stream atlases and the currents on the French coast of the English Channel and Biscay
  • Netherlands – allows access to any day predictions for the Netherlands
  • Belgium – allows access to any day predictions for Belgium
  • Spain – allows access to any day predictions for Spain
  • Portugal – allows access to any day predictions for Portugal
  • NLHO Indonesia – allows access to any day predictions for Indonesia

Tides Planner

Why are the tidal predictions for high and low water on the Tides Planner app sometimes different from those shown in other sources?

The predictions in the app are based on the Harmonic method using constants from various official Hydrographic Office sources.  There may be small differences between the app predictions and the Hydrographic Office sources as the HOs use more of these constants for their calculations. We'd expect these differences to be very small. 

Please check that your app is displaying at the correct time zone.  You can check this in Preferences - change GMT to Local time.  

When there is a high-water stand, with a comparatively long period of high water, the uncertainty in the algorithm in the app may be greater and the time differences in predictions may be greater. This is why it's useful to see the tidal curve graph in the app rather than solely the HW and LW numbers without context. The curve doesn't always look like a sine curve in this case.

Actual times will vary with other factor such as air pressure and weather but if you are seeing major differences, please do contact us at  It will help us review our algorithms in future to ensure that the data we supply is as accurate as possible.    

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Can I use my licence on multiple devices?

Licences can be shared between devices that run on the same platform (e.g. Android or Apple). Purchases are associated to your Google Play Account/Apple ID and so if you are using the same account you will be able to access your licences on multiple devices.

To do this, navigate to the App Extensions page and tap Restore Extensions at the bottom of the page. It is important that you are using the same Google Play/Apple ID account.

Currently you cannot share licences between devices running on different platforms.

Tides Planner

Can you give me a refund for an accidental purchase?

Payments and extensions are managed by the app stores rather than Imray. You need to contact the relevant app store to request a refund, which is best done within 48 hours of purchase.