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Rod and Lucinda Heikell

Pilot books for the Mediterranean and beyond

"For us the wonder of the Med is that you can sail across a relatively short bit of sea and straightaway you are in a country that is totally different from the one you left. The language, the cuisine, the cultural fabric is all unique and the people are evidently Spanish or French or Greek or Turkish."

Rod and Lucinda Heikell are revered for their guides to the coasts and islands of the Mediterranean. Rod has spent nearly 40 years cruising these waters. He met Lu on a trip from the Azores to Gibraltar in 1999 when she joined him as crew.  Many sea miles and a circumnavigation later they have lived, loved, and worked on many books together for over twenty years and live on the Isle of Wight when not out on the water in Skylax, their 46' New Zealand Warwick designed boat. 

They are authors of many Imray pilot books and almanacs including Greek Waters Pilot, Italian Waters Pilot, Turkish Waters and Cyprus Pilot, Mediterranean France and Corsica Pilot, Ionian, West Aegean, East Aegean and The Mediterranean Almanac (editors). 

Listen to the Imray podcast where they have a couple of episodes talking about cruising the Mediterranean and about all things Greek.