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Robert Gaspar

Crossing the Thames Estuary

Roger Gaspar conceived Crossing the Thames Estuary on a wet winter’s day while he tried to improve standard passage planning methods for crossing the Thames Estuary.  Encouraged by the late, renowned yachting journalist Colin Jarman, he was introduced to Imray and now has produced three editions of this popular book.

He sailed in wooden boats for 40 years, most of the time in the estuary, until recently.  While sailing, encouraged by Maurice Griffith’s books, he studied the estuary to try to understand it and the history.  Having been a police officer and in later years involved in crime and criminal analysis, in retirement collecting data, past and present, is now aiding advice for safe, effective and efficient passages across the estuary.

Since parting company with wooden sailing boats, he has acquired a (work-like) motor boat so he can continue to monitor the estuary and conduct and develop better amateur surveys in places helpful to leisure sailors.  His data is accepted by the UK Hydrographic Office and others, providing a vital source of survey information which otherwise would be absent.

He maintains a website supporting the book and provides downloads of survey chartlets and a free illustrated Notice to Mariners service supported by Imray chartlets.  Regular updates are provided as and when necessary.