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Community Standards


We have built Explore with Imray to provide a space for social interactions around sailing activities. Our community standards are a roadmap for contributing to this diverse, globe-trotting community.


Information which helps you to navigate is included in the pilot book data on the platform and on printed books and charts, and chart plotters and app. The social features on Explore with Imray are intended as a place to record your stories and to tell your adventures to the world.


Be Kind.


Treat others with respect and kindness on our digital platform. Don’t use hate speech or offensive language, or post anything that may intimidate, exclude or silence others on the platform.
Be Creative.


Create your own amazing content and tell the world of your adventures. If you copy someone else’s content it may be taken down in addition to other further consequences.


Be Responsible.


Make sure that you are being responsible towards rules, laws and the environment of the places you visit and post about. Don’t overstep the boundaries in search of a good story to share. Obey the laws and rules of places you visit, and respect the environment you are in. Remember that others might be inspired by your stories. Try to only include information that you know to be correct.


Be Yourself.


Tell your stories. Don’t impersonate other individuals, groups or organisations. Don’t spam other users or locations on the platform.