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Explore the Ionian

The Ionian is a fabulous area for novice skippers, with a predictable moderate sea breeze that makes for great sailing but which dies down at night. Navigation is simple, but there are a few places which always seem to catch people out every year.

Heiroiti - This reef lies approximately 0.5M south of Skorpios island. It is not normally marked and is in the path of those heading from the east side of Skorpios down to Spartakhori.

Port Atheni - The reef which catches most people out isn't the one near the entrance as you leave the islet to starboard. Once into the bay though, there is a reef which bisects the bay which is something of a boat magnet.. Those heading towards the NW side of the bay should keep a sharp eye out to port.

Skorpios west side - The little islet off the west side of Skorpios may not look like much, but reefs extend for some distance off either end. Those exploring the cost here need to keep well clear. Note also the shallow patch to the north of the islet. It won't trouble most as it lies 2.4m under, but it will give you a shock if you suddenly find yourself in the turquoise water!

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